Alisa’s Work-in-Progress

Purely Felt and Bursting With Multiple Colors

man covered face with colorful powder paints
Photo by Maddy Freddie on

I’m so happy to share details with you about my current work-in-progress titled Purely Felt and Bursting With Multiple Colors. It’s the story of Louise Shapiro, an artist who suddenly finds herself a widow, floundering in virtual isolation as she grieves.

After Sam’s unexpecteed death, Louise must come to terms with a difficult marriage that’s left devastatingly unfinished. To cope with her pain and the shock she still cannot articulate, Louise spends hours upstairs in her studio, obsessed by recreating Sam’s face, remembering every aspect of his features.

Only her dog Abraham has any real notion of Louise’s terrible suffering. He’s her sole companion, the one witness who watches from his flattened pillow across the stuffy room as Louise fixates on bringing Sam back to life through her canvas. Just like every other part of her life, she keeps this desolate struggle to herself, where the anguish strictly becomes apparent within each paint stroke, not by any other means.

In time, though, Louise is forced from the sanctuary of her attic, urged on an unanticipated journey to achieve emotional independence. As she follows troubling clues that Sam left behind in his many uneven piles of used books, within thousands of papers scattered among drawers, stacked in dark corners of various closets, she learns the truth about her husband. His numerous mysteries, so deeply hidden in the chaos of their relationship, are revealed.

The trail of Sam’s extraordinary secrets, a fusion of conspiracies, twisted murder plots, and sordid locations around their suburban Illinois town, compels Louise to rethink every aspect she had always assumed about her husband. Despite the pain and continual shock that reverberates in her with each detail that Louise investigation uncovers, she never stops pursuing the various avenues that emerge from this all-consuming search.

The end result, finally evident in all of its extreme messiness and astonishing havoc, leads to Louise’s ultimate freedom. Yet it’s a release she couldn’t have envisioned before entering Sam’s mind to discover the person she’d never really known.

I look forward to providing you with further information on my latest mystery as the story continues to develop. It’s a novel I’ve been working on for years, mentally revising it while also reshaping the story’s complicated facets at the same time. I’m so excited to describe this work-in-progress to you now. Thank you very much for your interest and please keep checking this page for more details!