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In general, I’ve been a passionate reader as well as an aspiring (and obsessive) writer since childhood. To obtain greater skill, I have recently built upon my undergraduate study in English, earning advanced degrees, most recently a doctorate, within this diverse and quite enriching field. That academic focus, spanning over the last decade, helped me grow as both a writer and as a thinker. Through close analysis of authors who have influenced contemporary American literature, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of this meaningful art and its capacity to represent a complex world. With this awareness and an enthusiastic determination to continue developing as an author, I feel grateful for the honor of sharing my literary fiction with you now.

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Alongside the publication of my literary murder mystery Detached (Running Wild Press) in 2022, I’ve written a number of blogs that explore a wide array of themes related to the story and its plot. You can find these essays on the “Alisa’s Blog Posts” page within the main menu. As a brief plot synopsis, this mystery explores how three vastly different women living in the same townhome complex are impacted in unexpected ways by the violent murder of their neighbor. Through chapters that alternate between the heroines’ divergent perspectives, the truth about this brutal homicide and its circumstances gradually evolve. For more in-depth details on the story and its primary characters, please check out the “About Detached” page, also under the main menu.

In addition to these short pieces that examine different facets of my novel, I also write blogs which focus on the social and political complexities of our current society through my own perspective. Combining personal reflections with insights about today’s complicated climate, I discuss contemporary events in the context of my feminist outlook.

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Also, I’m in the process of writing my latest literary mystery, which I am very delighted to share with you. Details about this new project can be found on the “About Genuinely Felt and Bursting With Multiple Colors” page and I’d love for you to take a look. As a brief summary, this novel tells the story of an artist named Louise Shapiro, who abruptly becomes a widow after more than fifty years of marriage. The trauma is so agonizing that she finds herself unable to cope. All she can do is paint and repaint portraits of her husband Sam’s face as she mourns a sudden loss that leaves her painfully isolated and so alone in the world. It’s only because of an unexpected journey that Louise learns how, even after decades of matrimony, she failed to understood the real Sam. Through the startling discovery of clues that he left behind in their now eerie home, Louise truly sees him for the first time. In the process, which ushers her through seedy areas of their suburban town and exposes her to the dark side of Sam that she’d never suspected before, Louise finally gains her own freedom.

If you’re interested, I’ve written more details about the story on my “About Genuinely Felt and Bursting With Multiple Colors” page. I eagerly invite you to check it out. Also, I’ll keep you updated as I continue to weave together this novel, little by little, night after night.

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