Alisa’s Bio

Writing literary fiction about women’s lived experience and scrutinizing true crime documentaries represent significant aspects of Alisa Burris’s life. After graduating with a B.A. in English, she applied her love of words to a career as a writer-producer-editor for nearly twenty years. During this time, Alisa won several professional honors, including two Promax North America Awards, considered a top prize in marketing, and a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award. Although she enjoyed generating promos, Alisa wanted to return to her roots and earned her M.A. in English. She specifically researched and wrote about forms of societal violence against American womanhood. For her Ph.D. in English, Alisa took this academic focus further and studied Jewish-American women authors’ complicated relationship to cultural alienation. Currently, Alisa continues to write literary fiction that explores marginalized women’s perspectives while also examining portrayals of true crime from a feminist stance.

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